Thursday, October 28, 2010

Freaky Sad DAy...!!!

:( ....... Today, the whole physio intake 0903 & 0904 students was sad (all i guess) because one of our Neurology lecturer is leaving Malaysia for good and will be going back to India so as to open a clinic there in his home town..... Eventhough, we're happy for him and his achievements but it's still sad.. furthemore for my group he was the first lecturer that thought us during mini-sem... some of my friends even shed tears.....

For respect and our heart-fill gratitude and honor some of us went to the airport to drop him off.. his flight to KUL was at 2230 and flight to India will be at 0600 tomorrow........ shhhhhhhh.......

Anyway, we took pictures for memories and later after dropping him off, my friends and I went and had our dinner at KFC..... mean while snap shots....hahahahahahahha

The one on the Right is leavin.... snap shots...wit some of the lecturers... the one with sweater is a fren of mine
Students & Lecturers
It's blur cause of the reflection....sorry...
So, thats the story about.... Hope Mr.Kiran will achieve his goal and in good health always.... thank you sir...!!!

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